David Parker

About me

The talks I have been giving for the last two years are all the result of television programmes I have been making for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 for the last 32 years!

I started making television programmes for Channel 4 in 1984 and I have been very lucky because I have always been able to make programmes about my passions. That’s why, in my work, there is a lot about history, about the landscape, about wildlife and about the lives of ordinary people living through extraordinary times.

Before I worked in television I taught and organised courses for the Workers’ Educational Association and before that I was a student of politics, economics and history.

I come from Stoke on Trent, grew up in Crewe in the North West (and yes, I confess I was a train spotter for a while) and then spent time in Sheffield, Brighton and London and then in 1973 taking a job in Bristol. I committed myself to three years in the city but still live here with my partner Wendy and three children (though two have migrated to London).

I was always passionate about the programmes I made for television and I hope I bring the same passion to the talks I give.